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Independent Testing
              Residential Air Diagnostic Pocket Guide

Al D'Ambola, NBC Certiifed Balancing Supervisor put together the Air Diagnostic
Pocket Guide based on years of performing air balancing, air diagnostics and re-
balancing poorly performing systems that had a balnce report but were never
balanced correctly.

After conducting over 400 residential-light commercial Air Balancing/Air Diagnostics
seminars and fielding thousands of technical support telephone calls and e-mails over
the years.
This pocket guide was created to make the duct system easy to diagnose
for HVAC technicians and installers.

Some of the key basic fundamental tests and processes in the PG:

  • How to measure External Static Pressure
  • How to measure pressure drops across filters and coils
  • Calculate percentage of BTU's loss/gain through the duct system  

This pocket guide was put together to help the field technician, installer  or Home
energy rater become more proficient at identifying problems on the airside of the
system. This 6.25"x 3.25" pocket guide is a great foundation for troubleshooting the
performance of the air distribution system.

The tests and processes in this pocket guide will achieve immediate results.
It will help your company reduce un billable hours and eliminate costly callbacks
while helping you uncover comfort issues that have been misdiagnosed.

This guide will explain in simple straight forward language how to diagnose airflow,
evaluate ducting, and determine the cause of high utility costs, unacceptable comfort
issues. As well as tech you how to determine the  percentage of BTU loss/gain
through the duct system! All on 12 rugged pages of heavy stock paper that fits
in your pocket.

Every part of this Pocket Guide is made from products produced in the USA!

After you tested the parameters in this instructional guide, we encourage you to
contact us anytime to discuss your findings.

Required Tools: Manometer-Thermometers- Drill and a 3/8” pilot drill bit.
         * Always, look before drilling.

     Cost: $20.00 per Pocket Guide

Or send check or money order to: PABD, Inc. P.O. Box 328 Avon Lake, OH 44012

Join over 3,000 recipient's of the pocket guide!

Start testing now and pin point deficiencies in the duct system!

             Comments from Pocket Guide users:

David Richardson: Richardson Heating & A/C, Frankfort, KY
"This is a must have guide for any HVAC tech measuring system performance.
A durable design with hundreds of dollars worth of information in it."

Tony Doyle: Former Air Balancing/Air Diagnostic Instructor
" The first thing was how it felt, and how easy the step by step instruction is to
follow. And the information you will gather to diagnose problems most technicians
just simply miss"

Henry Sterling: Pompeii's Heating & Plumbing, Avon, OH
“This pocket guide is perfect. I have never seen anything as easy to follow in the