Performance Air Balancing Diagnostics is a certified  testing & balancing
company. Certified by
NBC, NBI and NCI.  We have served architects,
engineers, contractors, industry and business's.

Commercial Projects: We balance both air and hydronic systems. PABD is an
Independent Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Agency.
We pride ourselves in
identifying under performing systems. Not only the air and water side
performance, one of the most critical parts of system operation is the
combustion performance of the burners. How many combustion efficiency
tests have been performed on your systems? This side of the system seems
to be ignored by the balancing governing bodies, engineers, balancing
contractors as well as most HVAC contractors. This is what we mean when we
say "balancing your energy resources".

All of our reports are color coded for your convenience. Even if
you've never seen a balancing or diagnostic report, you will be able to
understand ours. The formating and color coding make them  easy to
understand. This will allow you to make the key decisions regarding comfort
and cost issues.
What good is a report if you don't understand it, and how,
it impacts your costs of operating your systems.

Retro Commissioning:
Most of the buildings in this country are operating out
of design range. This is due to improper testing and balancing of the systems
with higher than needed airflows and water flows being used to satisfy
building heating and cooling requirements. These buildings need to be tuned
up. By this simple act, energy reduction in buildings of 15% - 25% immediately
is achievable and a common occurrence.  In older buildings with older systems
energy savings can be and have been much greater.

When balancing can not be achieved we then put our emphasis into
diagnosing why the system is not functioning as design. This is the challenge
we pride ourselves in overcoming. Working with engineers, control
contractors, HVAC contractors and facilities managers to achieve delivered
measured repeatable honest actual system performance.
Time, patience and
repeatability in our readings define our diagnostic procedures.

We invite you to walk through our field tests on your projects. Share in the
knowledge in knowing how your building is performing. We are confident in
our ability to accurately measure the key components of comfort. Knowing
what the equipment is delivering and comparing to the equipment capabilities
we can now have a true picture of your building's mechanical performance.
Giving you measured results to make your systems function.

Contact us for a
 submittal pack, included are some sample forms that give
you a glimpse of the way we present our reports and arrive at solutions. We
offer a solution-based approach to air & water balancing.
This is our primary
strength we bring to your projects, solutions, not just "match the
numbers" balancing.
Performance Air Balancing Diagnostics
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       Some of our recent projects:

  • Delta Technical College, South Haven, MS
  • Riverside High School, Belle, WV
  • Hawthorne School, New York, NY

  • All Medical Clinic, Bronx, NY
  • Fox Valley Healthy Paws, Woodstock, IL
  • Los Alamos National Labs, Los Alamos, NM                   
  • Chandelier, Belleville, NJ
  • Lola's, Cleveland, OH - Iron Chef, Michael Symon
  • Tomo's, Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, OH
  • Lastrada, Cleveland, OH
  • Jakes on the Lake, Avon Lake, OH
  • Saga Steak House, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Red Elephant, Tallahassee, FL
  • Taco Bell, Erie, PA
  • Wood & Wine, Avon, OH

  • Talbot Clothing, Kettering, OH
  • Lite Salon, Avon, OH
  • Scottrade, Erie, PA
  • Giant Eagle Supermarket, Vermillion, OH
  • Auto Zone, Erie, PA
  • AT&T,Erie, PA  

    Offices/ Buildings:
  • Offices of Miss America, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Magnum Building, Solon, OH
  • Park Ten Offices, Houston, TX
  • Youth Detention Center, Las Vegas, NV
  • 200 West Apartment, Fairview Park, OH
  • Ridgewood Energy, Montvale, NJ
  • Willis Insurance, Nashville, TN
  • 5th/3rd Building, Cleveland. OH

    Government/Industrial Facilities:
  • United States Coast Guard, Lorain, OH
  • AMETEK Industries, Garden City, NY
  • Lake Erie Powder, Elyria, OH
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