Manufactures test their equipment in a laboratory under ideal conditions to achieve a government
Energy Savings standard. Our field testing reveals that the only way to achieve real energy savings just
based on equipment replacement is to make certain that we have
control of setting the proper oxygen
content of the fuel gases, stable carbon monoxide levels and must important the flue/chimminey performance.

Deliver the energy savings without knowing the combustion process of your equipment installed in your
building/home not in ideal laboratory conditions.

     Some tell tail signs of poor combustion and no control of your chimney/flue are.

  • Replacing new equipment within a few years after installation because equipment burned out
  • Rust, this is because the flue gases are to cool and condense causing rust
  • People who are lethargic not feeling well, headaches always tired (low level CO exposer)
  • Birds nests in chimneys
  • No energy savings

Proper settings of the burners themselves  and simple modifications to your flue pipe will reduce
heating costs 15-25% without ever changing the existing equipment and achieve immediate
documented results!

Carbon Monoxide is the #1 cause of poisonings in America yet less than 5% of all CO Poisonings are
reported! The safe and efficient operation of your heating equipment and other combustion appliances
in your buildings or homes cannot be determined without testing using a combustion analyzer

Because the technology, instrumentation and training to perform this testing correctly has only been
available for a few years, odds are it’s never been done on the fossil fuel equipment where you work
and live.

Why Should I Demand A CO Test?
It’s about your health and safety. Carbon Monoxide, even in small quantities can cause serious health
problems, particularly in children and the elderly. Millions of unsuspecting workers and  homeowners are
exposed to low levels of CO and not even know it.
Unfortunately U.L. Listed CO alarms do not go off
until your work environment or your home has been exposed to 70 ppm (parts per million) for 4
continuous hours!
If you and or a loved one were exposed to let's say 44 ppm of CO over just a few
days you would never know,an infant baby will be severely ill or dead! Most international limits for
unsafe levels, including
OSHA and the World Health Organization’s guidelines are between at 15-35
ppm. These levels of CO can have catastrophic health issues for anyone exposed over continuous time.
UL approved alarms offer limited protection from low level exposer.

Carbon monoxide can come from additional sources into your building or homes. Besides your heating
equipment, these sources include your.

  • Water Heater
  • Gas Range
  • Gas Logs
  • Space Heater
  • Un vented fireplaces
  • Boilers
  • Toe motors
  • Floor waxers
  • Attached garage

The  most common commercial buildings to have CO poisoning's are hotels, nursing homes and
schools. The most hazardous unit is a water heater, commercial & residential.

UL standard 2034 does not protect all people. It only protects healthy adults. There is only one
source of protection for all your employees or  family members. The
NSI 3000! It is designed to save
infants and the elderly as well as healthy adults. The
NSI 3000 sounds the alarm at 15 ppm after 15
minutes of exposer.
Not 70 ppm for 4 hours! Chronic low level exposer to CO has devastating health
effects that are initially ignored by the medical profession. Why? Doctors are trained to evaluate your
health symptoms for different illnesses.
Tens of thousands of people are miss diagnosed with flue like
symptoms and medicated needlessly.
A simple test could determine if you have been exposed to low
level CO exposer.

Sound the alarm so you are not potentially missed diagnosed. Know when this deadly gas is about to
overcome you and your loved ones.

If you suffer from:

  • Flue like symptoms
  • Dry skin
  • Nausea
  • No energy
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Heart conditions

These are just a small sample of the health issues brought on by low level exposer to CO. Protect
yourself, you deserve it.

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