Consulting with architects
engineers and mechanical
contractors helps us have a better
understanding of the design intent
of the system performance.
Balancing exhaust fans and make up air
fans to local codes and specifications.
Al D'Ambola tests for CO.

"Safety is and has always been a passion of

Air Balancing/Diagnostics
Pressure Testing
Hydronic Balancing
Kitchen Exhaust Systems &
Make Up Air Systems
Combustion Analysis & Carbon Monoxide Safety
Certified Testing.

By testing the CO when the flame first ignites, it tells a
story as well as during the CO run cycle. Oxygen content
of flue gases over a period of time, it tells a story.
Without knowing all the scenes in this story you will
never achieve  maximum burner performance. We will
provide you with the most critical information on your
heating systems.
 PABD will offer solutions that other
companies may not know these issues even exist.

Commercial RTU, Boilers and Residential equipment need
to have a combustion analysis.
National Comfort
is the industry standards for safe and energy
performance testing.
Combustion Analysis & Carbon Monoxide Safety
Using the most sophisticating hydronic
manometers to measure and adjust
flow and pressures. The Alnor HM 680
Hydronic manometer give us the
ability to measure all aspects of
systems hydronic delivered
Testing exhaust flows as well as the Make
Up Air allows us to as well as the Make Up
Air allows us to pressure balance a
restaurant. This will keep the conditioned air
in the restaurant and prevent the
conditioned air from being sucked out of the
restaurant. Reducing energy consumption
and maintain a comfortable restaurant.
This is where we can see if the fan can
handle the installed duct system as
well as other external components.
Comparing the actual TESP and actual
external pressure drops, we now have
the knowledge of the systems blood
pressure. From pressure testing we
will verify that the systems internal
and external pressures are within the
equipment capabilities.
Measuring the actual delivered air into
the building and comparing to
engineer's specifications or HVAC
contractor load calculations we can
now make the adjustments to deliver
the design airflow into the areas being
served by zone or system.
Performance Air Balancing Diagnostics
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Combustion Efficiency
CO Testing
CO Alarms  
Thermal Imaging
Air Balancing
Hydronic Balancing
Exhaust Systems
Outside Air
Al D'Ambola measuring
static pressure.
Services  Offered
  • Air Balancing
  • Hydronic Balancing
  • HVAC System
  • IAQ Monitoring
  • Comfort Balancing
  • Duct Leakage Testing
  • Building Pressure
  • Kitchen Exhaust
  • Makeup Air Systems
  • Commissioning
  • Pressure testing
  • Velocity pressure   
  • Combustion Efficiency
  • Carbon Monoxide safety
  • CSER & HSER reports
  • Maximize Burner's
  • Temperature Loss/Gain
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Humidity testing
  • Verification of control
  • Pressure drops
  • Motor power
  • Drive size calculations
  • Belt size calculation
  • Inspection of HVAC
  • Verification of air
  • OSA Readings
  • Pipe and duct size
  • Verification of physical
    condition of HVAC
  Independent Testing